Girl, 15, who gave birth while babysitting told child that bundle was ‘a doll’


A 15-year-old girl who gave birth while babysitting claimed she thought her newborn was dead when she put him in a wheelie bin, an inquest heard.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital staff became suspicious and alerted the police when the teenage mum, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was treated later that day for vaginal bleeding.

The infant’s body was then found by officers at the rear of her home in 2018.

She had wrapped him in a bundle of clothes and put him in a bin bag after going into labour while looking after a young boy, the hearing at Blackpool Town Hall today was told.

The pair were left alone from around 10.30am and the girl is believed to have given birth about an hour later.

She told police she thought the baby was dead when she placed him in the bin.

In video footage of the boy being interviewed by police, played to the court, he said he had gone upstairs around 12.55pm and found his babysitter curled up on a bed surrounded by bloodstains.

She told him she had had a nosebleed.

The boy returned to the living room, and four minutes later the girl came downstairs and went into the kitchen.

It was around this time that the boy said he heard the sound of a baby crying and found his babysitter in the kitchen with a bundle of clothes on the table.

He said he saw “two little feet and legs” in the bundle and the teen said it was a doll, but he could hear “whining like a baby”.

The boy couldn’t understand why she told him an “absolute lie” and became worried when a Google search confirmed 15-year-olds could get pregnant.

During this time he said he heard his babysitter opening the back door, and the sound of the back gate opening.

He said there was blood all over the walls and on the floor and he started cleaning it up.

Coroner Andrew Cousins asked the now 18-year-old whether she covered the baby’s face with the plastic bag when she wrapped him up before placing him in the wheelie bin, and she denied this.

She said she heard no sound from the baby and believed he was dead, though she did not check for a pulse.

“He wasn’t making any noise. He wasn’t moving at all,” she said.

At around 2.10pm, the girl’s mother arrived and noticed the bloodstains, and went upstairs to check on her.

The young boy said he overheard the girl telling her mother that she was bleeding because she had fallen over and broken something in the bathroom after suffering a dizzy spell.

She tried to convince her mother not to call an ambulance, but she did and they were taken to Blackpool Vic.

She told medics she was sexually active and so there may have been a possibility that she was pregnant, but she denied knowing she was expecting.

The girl’s mother also suspected a pregnancy, but a test came back negative and so nurses began to suspect that there had been a concealed birth.

DCI Gareth Willis, who led the investigation into the death, told the court that on the day of the incident, the infant’s mum had made a number of Google searches.

This included ‘why have I got really bad stomach pains’, ‘why did blood with goo in it come from my vagina’, and ‘how to cut an umbilical cord’.

The DCI said he believed there was enough evidence to bring charges against her but following a CPS review the case was dropped.

The inquest continues.