Mother’s Day surprise as quick-thinking dad forced to deliver baby girl at home


A dad had to deliver his own baby at home when his wife went into labour less than an hour before Mother’s Day.

Josh Bratley, 31, had more of a hands-on role than he was anticipating as his partner Emily, 29, went into labour on Saturday night.

And helped bring baby Evelyn into the world half an hour before the midwife arrived.

The couple had been planning a home birth but in very different circumstances and fortunately Josh was able to rise to the occasion.

“It was around 11.15pm on Saturday night when Emily first started getting contractions and we thought she might be going into labour,” said Josh, from South Kelsey.

“At 12 we knew Evelyn was going to be on her way soon so we called the midwife who set off but the journey was going to take her around 45 minutes to get to us.

“There was only the three of us in the house at the time, me and Emily were downstairs and our son, Charlie, was upstairs asleep.

“Things happened really quickly. Emily said she couldn’t move but I said she had to get to the birthing pool in the kitchen, I told her you can’t give birth in here.

“Luckily my mum was on her way over to look after Charlie overnight and to be there when he woke up in the morning.

“Literally five minutes later Emily reached down and said she could feel Evelyn’s head, I grabbed the birthing stool and in seconds she was on her way out and I caught her.”

Certainly planning for a home birth helped with a healthy Evelyn Elizabeth Bratley born at 12.17am on Mother’s Day, weighing 8lb 11oz.

The midwife arrived 30 minutes after the birth and checked everything was in order for the stunned family.

Gran Melanie also was able to bring calm while Evelyn’s three-year-old brother Charlie was excited to have a new sister.

Although the birth was a success and Josh may have discovered a new skill, he has no intention of changing his day job.

“Well I’m not considering a career change I can tell you that much,” he added.